Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy the ride!

I put this site together in order to share my life with my family and friends. I have a knack of getting totally self-absorbed in my two-foot-radius protective bubble I hide in, and forget that there are people out there that might want to know how things are fairing in Davishire, our beloved homestead "near the sea."

There's a lot stuff happening in my life, and it all seemed to stem from the day I met my husband. We're an odd lot, NukeBoy and me, but our life's adventures are taking us to places either one of us have been. Some days are constant struggles, while others are pure sitcomish.

This site: my outlet for all the joys, insecurities, wishes, and rantings of life in New England with my new husband, my new house, my old cat, our renovations, car problems, roommates, yard boulders, joys of insecticides, perpetual college students, sports, art, music... ... ...well, you get the point.




About Me

The Yankee Girl with the Rebel Heart! I'm a fun lovin' Pisces with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. I'm married to a transplanted mid-western nuclear reactor operator and yearn to live on a farm down South surrounded by farm animals. Hey, wait, that sounds sick...

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