Yes, there was a Yankee Girl before me, and she wasn't from the Bronx.


The dark-haired Lauren Mason of society's Junior League would summon her super powers from ancient magic lore by saying "Yankee Doodle Dandy." She was then transformed into the mighty Yankee Girl with the power of flight, great strength, and an unknown amount of invulnerability.

When Harry "A" Chesler first published the exploits of Yankee Girl in "Red Seal Comics" No. 17, July 1946, no one could have predicted the future for the patriotic heroine. Indeed, Lauren Mason of society's Junior League would only make one more appearance, in "Dynamic Comics" No. 23, November 1947, before Chesler pulled the plug on her star-spangled heroics.

On a side note, the Chesler Yankee Girl is not to be confused with another "Yankee Girl" who appeared in "Captain Flight" No's. 8 and 9. That Yankee Girl was the blonde Kitty Kelly, first a shy settlement worker and then an airline hostess who also appeared in "Punch Comics" No's. 1 and 2.

NOTE: Information taken from "The Official Golden Age Hero and Heroine Directory" by Bill Black, ISBN 1-56225-017-5.



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