Bailey Tanner
Attention Hog

Bay-Bay is my middle child. I adopted him from the Pawtucket Animal Shelter at Slater Park in 1998. As a youngster, Bailey was relentlessly hyper. However, as the time has rolled on, so has his metabolism and his waistline. Nowadays, you'll find Bailey passed out anywhere his body takes him, but his most favorite place is in anyone's lap. Although affectionate, he's a bit on the excessive side. No one in my home is allowed to have a conversation, phone call, or work on anything when they are sitting down without the Bay-meister climbing on top of them demanding their attention.



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The Yankee Girl with the Rebel Heart! I'm a fun lovin' Pisces with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. I'm married to a transplanted mid-western nuclear reactor operator and yearn to live on a farm down South surrounded by farm animals. Hey, wait, that sounds sick...

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